Saturday, May 7, 2011

Strawberry Banana Fluff

I watched an episode of Top Chef a couple of weeks ago that the challenge was to "update" a recipe from the 60's. The foods they listed are all ones that appear in your standard neighborhood cookbook and there are as many variations of them as there are cooks almost. This salad is kind of in that same category but it's one that I end up taking to family functions quite often because as kitschy and common as it is people like it and I always bring back an empty bowl.

Tonight's the first family BBQ of the season and my assignment is salad. Because this is the family that would rather die than eat lettuce or green things this is the perfect choice. In the winter I typically make this with mandarin oranges and orange jello or a raspberry version using frozen raspberries but the strawberries are so pretty right now that I decided a strawberry banana version was in order today.

Strawberry Banana Fluff
Servings 20

2 cartons lite Cool Whip
32 oz cottage cheese (I used fat free but whatever you like works great)
2 small packages strawberry banana Jello
1 1/2 cartons strawberries cut into small pieces
3 med bananas

1. In a large bowl mix Cool Whip and cottage cheese until blended well.
2. Stir in Jello
3. Gently fold in fruit until evenly distributed.
4. Chill until set.

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KayLyn said...

add some pineapple (I use a can of crushed and a can of tidbits) and you have the same pink salad we have at all our family parties. Best stuff ever!