Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dorm Room Fudge

I have to be honest, I've never actually lived in a dorm. My sisters all did and from what I can remember, cause let's be real that was a long time ago, the amenities are pretty sparse as far as kitchens go. That said, most college students have access to a microwave so even they could make this fudge. And it really is that easy. I kid you not.

Randy came home last week and out of the blue requested fudge. I looked at him and thought...."OK, random much?" but decided to humor him and throw some fudge together yesterday after work. This came together really easily, almost too easily if you are concerned about your weight. It was seriously a dump, microwave and stir kind of deal and it is YUM. Smooth and silky texture, rich flavor, no weird granulated sugar. Quite possibly the best basic fudge I've ever made. I can see this with nuts or marshmallows added, this is a great jumping off point to get creative. Or, it's good just like this, pure, chocolatey goodness. 

Dorm Room Fudge
1 bag semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1/2 c. milk chocolate chips
1 T. Butter
1 T. cream (I used milk)
  1. Place chips and milk in microwave safe bowl. (You can use just the one package of semisweet chocolate chips, or add the milk chocolate chips for a fudge that is slightly sweeter and creamier.) 
  2. Microwave on medium power for 2-3 minutes, stirring after 2 minutes. Microwave, stirring at 1 minutes intervals, until chips are melted and mixture is smooth and thick. Stir in butter and cream until combined. 
  3. Pour into greased 8" square pan and cool. You can also melt the chips and milk in a heavy saucepan over low heat.  
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Heather said...

I found this recipe last year and fell in LOVE!! I called fabulous 4 minute fudge because that is really how long it takes to make! I have never had it turn out grainy. Always a beautifully smooth and creamy texture. Try it with peanut butter chips or mint chips. Tastes just like mint truffles!!!

Flashlight Girl said...

Evil. You're killing me, Smalls!

Jigglebuns said...

Hey I didn't make you eat any last night...that was positively divine of me.

Kim McCallie said...

I don't have the best luck with fudge so it's nice to see a simple recipe like this. I'll definitely give it a try. Thanks for sharing on Sweet Indulgences Sunday.

ryobious said...

Thank you for visiting my Whisking Wednesday party last week. I hope to see you again this week! Yum, I love fudge!